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Being concerned that a familiar face was absent from the Great Hall, Helga decided to check in on them. "You did not come to dinner."

Feb. 20th, 2011

"For today, we'll be studying Nettles." Helga hopes that everyone will pay extra special attention and no one will get stung.
"Why not change students into ducks?" She liked to think that she was helping them gain a new perspective. Let's be honest, Helga was at least part of the reason that Hogwarts didn't allow its teachers to transfigure students into animals as punishment.

History -- The Founding

Muggles were becoming increasingly paranoid. Attacks on folks suspected to be witches were on the rise. In most cases, real witches could get themselves out of trouble. Giants were a nuisance as well. Another threat came from the outside forces that were continuously threatening to invade, raid or take over. Something had to be done to ensure that the next generation was protected. They needed a place where they could be taught in safety.

It was decided that such a place should be built. Helga was asked if she would like to help and she accepted the invitation.

Over the course of building Hogwarts, Helga became very good friends with Rowena Ravenclaw. All of the Founders were friends but those two were especially close. It took a couple of years to build the castle. Wizards and witches from other countries had to be consulted for some aspects of the castle's construction. It proved difficult to get some of them to cooperate but in the end Helga's charm won out over their objections.

She always had the feeling that something was left out. Never could she put her finger on what it was. There was something missing and it constantly nagged on her mind. Helga had even gone so far as to ask Rowena what she thought. Rowena thought she was being ridiculous. They had planned for everything. Helga still had her doubts. It wasn't until she heard Godric complaining about the lack of quarters for the groundskeeper that Helga had her idea. They needed a room that could be anything even if that was a lavatory, laboratory, a spare room to study, a place to hide or anything else. Without the other's knowledge, Helga created the Room of Requirement. If a student needed it, they would find it.

Once construction began, the arguments started. Rowena only wanted to teach those who were intelligent and smart, in short young witches and wizards like herself. Godric only wanted to teach those of an adventurous spirit, those who were brave and not afraid of fighting that good fight. Salazar only wanted to teach the young magical folk that had been born to other witches and wizards, preferably those who were very cunning. At the very least he did not want to teach anyone related to the foreigners that were constantly invading and conquering England. Helga just wanted to teach anyone capable of doing magic. To her, it seemed such a shame to build such a large castle without using all of it.

The arguments lasted for weeks. The Founders had retreated to their separate corners of the castle. It threatened to break them up, even before the Hogwarts opened. Helga let them have their alone time. She believed that if they had time to cool off they would come to their senses. She was wrong. More weeks went by until Helga had finally had enough. They were past the stage of being ridiculous and were now just being childish.

One evening, Helga summoned them all into the Great Hall. She told them all a different reason for wanting to speak with them. If they knew the truth then they wouldn't have come. Measures were taken to prevent them from leaving and after they were all done yelling at her, she stated her reasoning for bringing them all together. She had a plan for settling their arguments.

They would each teach the type of child that they wanted. Rowena would select the smart. Godric would get the brave. Salazar would get the cunning. Helga would take the rest. It should take too long to speak to each child to determine where they belonged. Her plan ended up being a success.

None of them, except for maybe one, had any idea of what was to come.


History -- The Early Years

Helga was born in the year nine hundred and seventy. Her parents were Eleanor and Llewellyn Hufflepuff.

Her kind nature was evident at a very early age. Often she would bring home injured animals, magical and non magical alike. Occasionally the animals weren't injured, Helga just wanted to give them a good home. It was very difficult for her to release them back into the wild but her parents always made her. There was one exception. She had once found two orphaned badger cubs. She had intended to release them once they were able but always they came back. After the fourth time, her parents accepted their presence.

Throughout her entire lifetime Helga was a doer of good deeds. It did not matter the size, it did not matter how difficult, the location did not matter nor did who the person was. If it would help and if the cause was just, Helga offered her assistance. She developed a nickname after a while, Helga the Kind.

She was charitable, accepting of others regardless of their station in life. Being kind was certainly not enough to make her the greatest witch of her age. Or was it? In an era of much violence and hardship, kindness was and still is a rare thing. It did make her stand out and people knew of her because of that. However, she wouldn't fully come into her legendary status until many years later.

With this kindness came a certain sense of naivety. Helga was an idealist and wanted to believe the best in people. Some found it endearing, others were a bit annoyed with it. It was something about her that others could take advantage of and she was deeply hurt by some betrayals. However, Helga was never taken advantage of for very long. She can only be pushed for so long before she pushed back.


History -- The Ancestry

Helga Hufflepuff was written to have come from the valley broad. In truth, she came from Wales. Almost a century and a half before her birth, her ancestors the Geats left their homeland. Götaland. was facing increasing invasions by both Muggle and Magical forces. The Hufflepuffs packed up their belongings and moved across the sea.

They did not move far.

The Hufflepuffs settled quite comfortably on the Isle of Anglesey where they lived for a few decades before moving again, this time trying to get away from the Viking raids. They had been there, done that and wanted to be finished with it. They moved north and eventually stayed on Holy Island. Employing both house elves and several charms, both restorative and defensive, they were able to turn a former Roman watchtower, Caer y Twr, into a very comfortable home.

For the most part, the magical family kept to themselves. Magical knowledge was written down into their family's grimoire and passed to the next generation. In the time when there were no schools, this was how they taught their children. Everything that the owner knew, discovered and learned was recorded. When they became of age, the grimmoire was duplicated and handed over to them. Through a unique spell, what was written down in one Hufflepuff grimmoire was written down in all of them. At the time of death, their grimmoire was buried with them. By the time that Helga received hers, it contained over five centuries worth of information.


Helga's eyes glanced at the lake as she passed by it. She sighed, remembering well the sight from the day before. The memory caused her face to flush. She truly had not meant to stare but the sight of Salazar swimming had left her little option. It had been shocking and he'd only made it worse afterwards. Oh, that man! Sometimes he aggravated her so much and sometimes she suspected that he did it on purpose.

She sighed again as she continued on her way, finally breaking off the main path and heading down a hill. Finally, the sounds of a babbling brook invaded her ears. Helga turned her head, there was no one around, at least none that she could see. Helga continued to walk along the path of the stream. It widened, then turned before heading towards the forest.

Eventually, Helga came upon her favorite spot on the grounds. There were trees and big boulders all around, concealing the pool from view. The stream continued to babble but here the pool was clear and calm. Again, she made sure that there was no one else around. She even set a protection ward. Helga took off her dress and draped it carefully on a tree branch. She was now left in a coarsely woven, sleeveless linen, work shift. A breeze came up and Helga breathed a sigh of relief. Out of her wool dress, she was cooler immediately.

Her boots and stockings were the next thing to be removed and they were draped over a branch next to her dress. Helga picked up a basket that she had brought with her and carried it over to the water. She sat down on a large flat rock and stuck her feet into the water.

"Oh, that's better." She said to herself and decided to just soak her feet for a few minutes.